About Me

 Martin began his career in Photojournalism, shooting national news events, features and sports for Canberra Times on traditional emulsion film, brought to life with the alchemy of the darkroom.

After a hiatius of over 15 years, spent building the front, back and middle of almost every type of web and intranet service you care to name, Martin returned to photography to find the tools had changed dramatically. His eye for the striking image, however, had not altered.

Digital has become a catalyst for Martin’s imagination, and a new workshop for his exacting style of craftsmanship – a style that has been largely abandoned in the rush for the convenient, the shareable, the disposable.

Martin is perhaps best-known for his depictions of his adopted home of Canberra, featured as building-sized projections at the Enlighten festival, on the pages of nearly every regular publication in Canberra and as part of the city’s re-branding initiative. Martin’s unique take on Canberra is helping to define the image of the city and causing audiences to re-assess what they thought they knew about our capital city.

His work has been commissioned and reproduced by Getty Images, Uber, Nike, CSIRO, ACT Government, Ogilvy, IBM, Screencraft, Woodford Folk Festival, Australian National University, The Australian (newspaper), The Monthly, Events ACT, National Arboretum Canberra, The Willemsen Group, Molonglo Group, Andrew Rogers (artist), Fun Machine (band), MusicACT and more.  


Enlighten 2013 - Artist